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Building Capacity and Sustainability


At the Advantage Learning Group, we recognize that organizational change is only temporary without commitment. Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify gaps and opportunities in the organization, a comprehensive report that includes a strategic action plan with timelines and benchmarks, a detailed cost analysis and an agenda-driven process to maximize time on task for all your stakeholders. Our goal is to create a culture of commitment by creating a program that builds staff capacity with a road map to sustainability. 


Core Values – We believe that informed and motivated employees with enhanced competencies:

  • provide the best of themselves to their customers, clients and students
  • boost their level of performance and the organization’s reputation
  • increase their level of engagement and commitment to the organization
  • improve morale, retention and loyalty
  • are in tune with the direction of the organization
  • share a common, empowering mindset


Executive Profile

Joseph A. Simone, Ed.D.

President / Chief Learning Officer

With over 25 years of education, leadership, and business experience, Dr. Simone is driven by a desire to improve the quality of an organization by improving the learning outcomes for every stakeholder. He specifically addresses the contextual mindsets of each individual, and how those translate into organizational mindset. When opposing contexts are at odds, his strategies to address and overcome deficit thinking help each stake holder get behind a common denominator for the greater good of the learning organization.

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Come back and check out our work at the South Beach Triathlon in April. We will spend the weekend onsite at one of the most competitive triathlons in the world, providing contingency planning and instructional consulting with Krizik Consulting.  

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